Upside-Down Leadership: Rethinking Influence and Success

Everyday people may not see themselves as successful, influential leaders and there are plenty of stale human expectations to discourage. Yet the lives and words of biblical persons, other historic servant leaders, great missionaries, and contemporary witnesses boost us with fresh perspectives. These lives with unique points of view bind the cynicism that might paralyze us, and release hope that fuels our individual ability to have true impact. Graffiti Church pastor and leader Taylor Field creatively challenges us to flip conventional ideas upside down, escape cliches on leadership, and to see real leadership principle revealed as right side up. Everyday readers involved in community service, church, and missions will find current, practical, realistic, and diverse illustrations--simple, short, biblical, and cross-cultural--that help people to transcend barriers and powerfully influence the faith community and beyond.

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Upside-Down Leadership: Rethinking Influence and Success Review

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