QC Manufacturing QC1500 1527 CFM QuietCool Whole House Exhaust Fan from the 1500

Qc Manufacturing, Qc1500, Whole House Fan, Classic, Fans,White 1527 Cfm Quiet Cool Whole House Exhaust Fan This Quiet Cool 1500 Series Fan Is An Innovative Whole House Fan That Has None Of The Disadvantages Of Type I And Type Ii Fans. It's Big Advantage Is That It Is Not Mounted To The Ceiling But Instead Is Suspended In The Attic With Straps From The Roof Rafters. It's Connected To An Attractive Ceiling Grill With A Patented Acoustical Insulated Flexible Duct, Thus Eliminating All Vibration, Rattle And Noise In The House. It Is So Quiet In Operation That It Can Be Installed In A Bedroom Or Sleeping Room Without A Sleeping Person Being Able To Hear It. This Cleverly Engineered System Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere In A Ceiling Or Vertical Wall In Less Than 1/3 The Time It Takes To Install A Type I Or Type Ii Whole House Fan. It Has A Damper With Insulated Doors That Prevents Cold Air Intrusion In The Wintertime. One Qc-1500 Performs Better Than One Type Ii Whole House Fan In All Respects, But Qc Recommends That One Qc-1500 Be Installed For Each 500 Sq. Ft. Of Living Space (Ideally One Per Bedroom) To Obtain The Cooling Breeze Of A Type I Whole House Fan. This Also Allows The Cooling And Ventilation To Take Affect Even With The Bedroom Door Closed As Long As A Window Is Open. Quiet Cool Fan Systems Are The Best Choice For Homeowners Based On Energy Savings, High Quality, Value, Ability To Move A Large Volume Of Air, Ease Of Installation, Aesthetic Appearance, Versatility, And Above All, Quiet Operation. Features:Air Intake Grill Dimensions: 16 Width By X 16 Length - Quick, Easy, And Versatile Installation - Attractive Square White Grill - 46 Dba In Room - Ul Listing Numbersmotor: E62815, E62788, E62862 - Power Cord: E55178, E147323 - Raco Handy Box Amp; Cover: E195978 - Acoustic Duct: Mh11637 -

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QC Manufacturing QC1500 1527 CFM QuietCool Whole House Exhaust Fan from the 1500 Review

I am so happy I bought bathroom ventilation fans. They fit well, look really expensive and will look great with anything. The QC Manufacturing bathroom ventilation fans are well-made ...

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