Organic Doctor Virgin Olive Oil Conditioner

From Manufacturer's Label: Organic Doctor Virgin Olive Oil Conditioner - Hydrating Hair TherapyPure organic Virgin Olive Oil is a nutritious and deeply moisturizing oilrich in Oleic Acid, an antioxidant. By combining this purest of olive oilswith our proprietary blend of bioactive and natural ingredients, we havecreated an intensely moistening and nutritious conditioner with unrivalledhydrating and replenishing properties. It penetrates deep into the hair'skeratin fibers leaving it volumized, balanced and shining with vitality. Free from: SLS Parabens Artificial colors Phthalates Harsh preservativesOrganic* and Natural Bioactive ingredients: Olive Fruit Oil* Olive Leaf Extract* Grape Vine Extract* Aloe Vera Juice* Shea Butter* Vitamin E Blackcurrant Extract* Lemon PeelExtract* Fennel Seed Extract* Apple Extract*Manufactured by: Dr Organic Ltd, Swansea UK

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Organic Doctor Virgin Olive Oil Conditioner Review

I highly recommend to buy that additional from this Vitamin World. I got good as fast as I wrote my review.

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