Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW Oyster Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW 66 x 36 Solnaa

The Salon Spa offers both experiences in one luxurious bath. The whirlpool jets effectively massage away muscle soreness and ease joint pain for one type of massage, while tiny Pure Air bubbles relax and rejuvenate in a different way. Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW Product Features: Durable high-gloss acrylic material The ultimate combination of Pure Air and whirlpool technology In-line heater maintains bath temperature Patented TargetPro jets deliver Aqualibrium - the perfect mix of air and water for a powerful, yet comfortable massage Limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty for tub with 2 years warranty for labor Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW Technology: TargetPro Jets: Jacuzzi TargetPro jets offer incredible performance and comfort. With a low-profile face, easy to manipulate 60 degree range of adjustment, and simple low control, TargetPro allows you to tailor your experience. RapidHeat Inline Heater: Maintains user defined temperatures eliminating the need to add more hot water during baths. Illumatherapy: A step up from Jacuzzi's Chromatherapy lighting, Illumatherapy uses a fiber optic lighting system built inside the bath's whirlpool jets to provide vibrant beams of light in a clean, aesthetically pleasing manner. Six fiber optic bands are installed in the perimeter of the jet and three fiber optic rods are installed in the nozzle of the jet to create Jacuzzi's unique lighting effect. Whirlpool Wave Mode Cycle the air flow in the jets from no air flow to maximum air flow creating a unique wave-like experience. CleanLine Water Lines: Jacuzzi's CleanLine water lines contain anti-microbial additives to inhibit bacterial growth and odors over time. Tru-Level Base: Ultra-high density foam levelers that provide support and easy leveling to simplify installation. Slip-Resistant Bottom: A matte texturing technique is applied under the clear coat to create an invisible yet effective traction area. Silent Air Induction: Jacuzzi's patented air induction system silently mixes air into the water creating that legendary Jacuzzi Whirlpool experience without a hissing sound. Whisper Technology- 18% quieter, Jacuzzi Whisper technology uses a sophisticated mounting system with dampers to eliminate nearly all vibrations. Luxury Controls: Upgraded electronic, button-operated controls with light bars to the left of each button designating low, medium-low, medium-high, and high. Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW Specifications: Height: 26" (top to bottom of tub) Width: 36" (left to right of tub while seated) Length: 66" (head to foot length of tub while seated) Basin Bottom Length: 44-3/16" (right to left measurement of the bottom of basin walls) Basin Bottom Width: 21-5/16" (back to front measurement of the bottom of basin walls) Basin Top Length: 54" (right to left measurement of the top of basin walls) Basin Top Width: 25-1/2" (back to front measur

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Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW Oyster Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW 66 x 36 Solnaa Review

I red all reviews of Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW Oyster Jacuzzi SOL6636CRL4IW 66 x 36 Solnaa before my purchase and I was not sure, but Jacuzzi products are excelent!

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