Jacuzzi AMS7236 WLR 2HX 72 x 36 Amiga Three Wall Alcove Comfort Whirlpool Oyster Tub Alcove

Amiga Collection: At first glance, the Jacuzzi Amiga tub from its Comfort collection might seem like an average tub. But within its simple, enveloping form awaits a therapeutic release from daily stressors. Jacuzzis Amiga drop-in comfort tub is available with Soaking Bath, Pure Air, or Whirlpool features. This is an ideal tub for three-wall alcoves and comes equipped with sculpted armrests, a contoured backrest, deep bathing well, and is available with a tile-in flange. Integrated Dual-Armrests - Convenient armrests are sculpted into the bathing well Contoured Backrest - Form-fitting backrest is designed to be more comfortable to lean back against Skirting + Tile Flange Available - For those replacing an existing 3-wall alcove tub, the Amiga is available with a skirt (aka "apron") and tile flange. Use product codes beginning with "AMS." Measurements: 72"L x 36"W x 20.75"H + Skirt and Tile Flange Comfort Whirlpool:At its most basic form, the three things needed to create a whirlpool experience are water (moved through a pump) , air (mixed with the water) , and jets (Therapro and AccuPro) . Jacuzzi's Comfort Whirlpool models do just this. A single speed motor and patented fixed airflow system push mixed water through 5-8 jets. Luxury models take things even further by swapping out the single-speed motor for a multi-speed motor and upgrading the airflow systems to electronically operated and patented Silent Air Induction technologies. Luxury Models tend to have double (in some cases, triple) the jets of Comfort models, enhanced user controls, and a number of optional high-tech upgrades including Whisper technology, Illumatherapy lighting, and LCD user controls. When Shopping Jacuzzi Whirlpools it is important to understand what you are looking for. For some, it is a basic model that offers invigorating bathes at an excellent price-point. For others, it is a statement-making bathroom centerpiece. Whichever it may be, we have got you covered with Jacuzzi's full line of industry-leading Whirlpool tubs. Listed below are the details for the Jacuzzi Comfort Whirlpool. Powerful Single-Speed Motor - Operated electronically from the Jacuzzi user controls. Patented Fixed Airflow - Factory-set airflow maximizes the massaging action. RapidHeat Inline Heater - Maintains user defined temperatures eliminating the need to add more hot water during bathes Whirlpool Jets: 4 TheraPro Jets - Delivers power with higher flow and air integration rates for a targeted, vigorous massage that is never too strong of uneven. Fully adjustable TheraPro jets let you adjust the flow to tailor the bath to suit your needs. 4 AccuPro Jets - An essential building block of a Jacuzzi jetted Whirlpool, this precision jet sends an accurate, pinpointed flow of air and water to target specific areas of your body. AccuPro jets are highly adaptable and maneuverable. Controls: Ba

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Jacuzzi AMS7236 WLR 2HX 72 x 36 Amiga Three Wall Alcove Comfort Whirlpool Oyster Tub Alcove Review

My uncle was amazed with this Jacuzzi AMS7236 WLR 2HX 72 x 36 Amiga Three Wall Alcove Comfort Whirlpool Oyster Tub Alcove. I have to order recessed bathtubs also for me.

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