Heirloom Champagne Glasses, Set of 2

This exclusive lead-free crystal glass collection is a homage to classic bar culture and combines aesthetic and sensual pleasure in a unique manner. Charles Schumann, barkeeper par excellence who left his mark on global bar culture, contributed greatly to the development of this premium line. Simple and timelessly elegant, the basic shape of this collection is characterized by gently drawn stems and softly curving radii. The distinctive cutting styles creates a unique play of light and color. This heirloom collection reinterprets the classic cut with modern finesse. Filled with golden whiskeys or classic cocktails like Martinis, the glass and beverage combine to create a special visual experience.

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Heirloom Champagne Glasses, Set of 2 Review

I'm a little disappointed time of shipping, my relative got his Heirloom Champagne Glasses, Set of 2 much more quickly, but I have to say that the product compansate the waiting time. It's really magnificent.

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