Deco Breeze DBF5435 Outdoor Fan - Terra

When the weather gets hot, Mother Nature doesn't always provide cooling breezes to facilitate outdoor entertaining. Not to worry, our Terra Adjustable Outdoor Fan saves the day! Its faux pine log finish, accented with antique bronze bands, creates a rustic look and welcome breeze. This fan seems too stylish to be left outside - but that's exactly what it's been designed to do. The Terra has a weighted base to provide stability during windy conditions, a coating of U/V-resistant all-weather paint to eliminate fading, and an ELT i 3/4 "Wet Listed safety rating with GFCI plug. Adjust its telescopic neckpiece to the height you prefer, and enjoy comfort in the great outdoors. Dimensions (L x W x H) 26x19x50

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Deco Breeze DBF5435 Outdoor Fan - Terra Review

This is awful, even for 279.99. I made a terrible mistake with this one. Even if is known for quality products I am thinking about selling mine Deco Breeze DBF5435 Outdoor Fan - Terra.

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