Aten KM0532 KVM Switch

The KM0532 Matrix KVM Switch gives IT administrators in large corporations advanced access and control of multiple servers. Operators working at up to 5 consoles can assume simultaneous and independent control of 32 directly connected, or through a combination of daisy chaining and cascading, as many as 8000 computers. A special feature will allow two KM0532 to be connected together in a way that allows 10 simultaneous operators independent access to 64 attached servers.A dual power supply connected to different electrical circuits ensures continued operation in the event of a power failure on one circuit.The KM0532 allows for real time port control by an administrator over an RS232 connection. Close an operators session, switch ports, or end an operator's connection to a port without closing the user's session.Server access and control is easily accomplished by means of a convenient, intuitive, graphical user interface. In addition, once the initial network setup has been accomplished, server administration tasks may be managed over the Internet or through your local network by using any web browser. Aten KM0532 KVM Switch is one of many KVM Modules available through Office Depot. Made by Aten.

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Aten KM0532 KVM Switch Review

I always wanted any product from Aten, but now I see, that it's not what I was hoping!

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