American Standard 2425VC-RHO Evolution 60 Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub with Right White Tub Alcove

American Standard 2425VC-RHO Features: Fully covered under a lifetime warranty; including free lifetime in-home service Manufactured and assembled in the United States of America Whirlpool tub; legendary massage jetted action Alcove installation: designed for niche / alcove installs; the three closed sides include a tile flange, open side includes a skirt leading down to the floor Constructed of ultra-durable fiberglass-reinforced acrylic Surfaced with the industry's best stain-blocking high-gloss finish Tub proportions and contour designed by industry leading ergonomics engineers Slip-resistant flooring - textured finishing technique applied Tub waste (drain) is not included - this will be presented upon adding to cart, with multiple available finishes Luxury Bathing Experience: Whirlpool: Legendary for a reason, Whirlpool systems push air-induced water through strategically placed jets to target muscles that hold tension. They are so effective at relieving tension that theyre widely used in sports and rehabilitation medicine. In the home, they provide for a retreat and relief from stress that is unlike any other. American Standard 2425VC-RHO Technologies / Benefits: Lifetime Warranty with In-Home Service: This tub is covered under the industrys only Limited Lifetime Warranty with free lifetime in-home service. This speaks volumes to the quality of American Standard tubs. Simple Controls: A single button turns the whirlpool system on and off while two dials (one for each side of the tub) operate the whirlpool system power, from a gentle swirl to a deep-tissue massage. Perfectly simple. EverClean: EverClean helps your tub stay clean between uses by continuously inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. A patented anti-microbial agent (silver-ion) is manufactured directly into the baths parts and plumbing, so it wont wear off over time. Comfort Jets: Unlike other whirlpool jets that are uncomfortable to sit against, Comfort Jets sit flush against tub wall, matching the contour and ergonomics of the tub. These widely acclaimed jets push a broad, low-pressure stream of air-induced water in a circular motion, stretching further into the bath and deeper into your muscles. Silent Air Induction: Whirlpool jets dont push just water they push air too. In fact, it is the air that is adjusted when you dial in your jet velocity. This process of introducing air to the water is called air induction. For some whirlpool tubs, air induction can create an irritating hissing sound, but not this tub; air induction is done silently. Deep Soak: This patented overflow system works with an exclusive drain, positioned significantly higher within the bathing well. With water depths reaching 2 to 4 deeper than other whirlpools, Deep Soak tubs allow for better full-body submergence. Premium Acrylic: Luxury American Standard tubs all use premium acrylic for a reason: it retains a glossy fin

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American Standard 2425VC-RHO Evolution 60 Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub with Right White Tub Alcove Review

Yesterday I bought 3 pieces of American Standard 2425VC-RHO Evolution 60 Acrylic Whirlpool Bathtub with Right White Tub Alcove from at price 1047.15. It is useful and top product in this category of whirlpool bathtubs.

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